About Terme Rezaei

Professor Mohammad Rezaei (Gholam Razaei), the founder of Terme Rezaie Yazd Company, was born in 1300 in Yazd, and since 1315, during his adolescence, he pursued a hereditary career and since then entered the design and fabrication of cashmere. He was persevering with many efforts Creating new paintings gave him a new name in the art of tailoring. After many years of experience in his handmade handmade workshop, he founded his own store in Khan Yazd market in 1340.

This store has been operating and serving its loyal and loyal customers after 60 years as the central store of Terme Rezaei. "Nowadays Zari is woven in Doha: one in Yazd and the other in Tehran. Mohammad Rezaei in Yazd in 1355 received the award for the Iranian Handicrafts Organization. (Selected from the Book of Siri in Handicrafts of Iran, Compilation: Gareth Golak)"

 He, who was a professor of art work, began to invent new designs with sufficient knowledge of traditional designs.

 After years of trying and improving the art of graphene, he eventually fell into the world in 1366.

Iran is one of the developing countries that has begun a decade-long experience of innovation. If we take the history of the riches of this ancient land, we will find in every sheet of art and industry that in its time was the most advanced of the arts and industry. Everywhere in the land, the interior has cultivated an art based on the genuine cultural and native foundations of that region.

In recent years, due to the finesse of the cashmere, the stiffness of its knitting and the machine's accelerated life, this enormous art has fallen so much so that now, throughout the whole of Iran, or just in the Yazd province, there are only a few The workshops are trying to keep this fine art alive.

Termeh Rezaee Factory Group Yazd is the first and the largest designer and manufacturer of Terme in Iran. Professor Mohammad Reza'i (1300-1366), from the time of his adolescence, pursued his family career with the creation of new paintings, and after years of experience in 1320, he founded a small workshop in Yazd. In 1355, he won the distinguished prize of the Iranian Handicraft Organization The highest and most valuable award of this organization has been gained.

In the 1970s, the workshop turned into a business and family business with long-term and thoughtful goals. With the launch of the third millennium of textile technology in the production lines of the company, the art and experience with industry were combined. The design, fabric and sewing process is carried out at the Terme Rezaie factories in Yazd. Terme Rezai is working with its top manufacturers to supply raw materials and tailor their products.

Now with an experience of nearly a century and a half, Terme Rezaei is no longer the only supplier of a product, but is a symbol of a sweet and well-known Iranian brand, because it believes Iranians have long shown a great deal of interest in the arts and crafts of Iran, and always He tried to take into account the different tastes of our customers in their design and color scheme. Therme Rezaei has been thinking of designing and producing for years as a beautiful artist because contemporary buyers are demanding custom-made, artistically and beautifully crafted products. Therefore, quality is not yet in line with the artistic aspect.

In addition to the natural fibers recovered in the production of cashmere, it also uses natural fibers. Made from natural fibers, such as cotton and silk, while protecting the environment, maintaining personal hygiene and light weight, brings comfort and relaxation to the customer. These continuous efforts make the company the first and only prize winner. The handicrafts organization in Iran has been transformed into Iranian design and textiles industry.

Establishing a modern and scientific method of customer-orientation in the industry of thermoelectronics and maintaining continuous communication through the distribution of seasonal catalogs, gifts and donations is the only part of Treme Rezaei's activities to reward and satisfy the demands of buyers. Therme Rezaei now has 22 chain stores throughout the country and more than 400 fixed customers. All products are sold nationwide at the same time and at the same price to their fellow countrymen.

With the introduction of the latest industrial systems and the implementation of the most advanced technologies in the production of cashmere, Terme Rezaei is seeking new goals and planning for future mass production and commercial activities. In this way, goals such as preserving the environment, promoting the culture of consumption of good Iranian goods and improving personal and social health through the production of cashmere with natural fibers. Terme Rezai is always trying to play a role in expanding the knowledge of the design and production of cashmere. In order to achieve this goal, students are welcomed into apprenticeships.

The Terme Rezaei Yazd Group, with an experience of nearly one and a half centuries and three hundred diverse and diverse projects, endeavors to make its founder a leader and, given the difficulties and shortcomings in the revival of this traditional art, The donor is the most famous and most graceful karma.